Luxury B&B North Norfolk Coast

About Our B&B

Welcome to Dairy Barns, one of the most luxury b&b North Norfolk coast has to offer. Nestled on the 360-acre Lound Farm in Hickling, our establishment combines captivating countryside views with heartfelt hospitality, offering a memorable stay.

Our accommodation options range from six charming ground-floor rooms, each distinctively themed and equipped with luxury amenities, to our Extra Special Rooms that offer an extra layer of indulgence with private lounging areas and courtyard gardens. For those seeking a self-catering option, our well-appointed farm holiday cottages in Sea Palling Village provide perfect views overlooking extensive farmland up to the sea.

Personalised comfort, options for luxury, and a versatile array of choices all come together to make Dairy Barns an unforgettable getaway. Let our devoted team make your stay a memorable experience that will have you longing to return.

Our Story

Meet the Deane family – Hannah, Ian, Joe, and Harriet – the heart of Dairy Barns. We take great pride in welcoming guests to our family farm and are passionate about making their stay as memorable as possible. Joined by our fantastic team, we are committed to offering exceptional service and ensuring you feel right at home.

Dairy Barns has been part of Lound Farm and the family farming business for three generations. Since opening our B&B in 2005, we have continued to deliver an excellent experience and are thrilled by the number of guests who have repeatedly chosen us for their stay. Our B&B is an essential part of Lound Farm’s history, as these quaint accommodations were once home to over 100 cows and served as our working dairy farm. Many calves were even born in the barn, now serving as an undercover car park. As our farm continues to grow, so does our dedication to providing our guests with a unique and enjoyable experience.

Our Family Farm

Apart from being the home of Dairy Barns, Lound Farm is a bustling, working farm that revolves around the seasons. Our agricultural land is active throughout the year, with sheep grazing during winter, while a herd of suckler cattle occupies the farm in the summers. Ian, our third-generation farmer, cultivates various crops, including wheat, barley, peas, potatoes, and grass for hay and haylage.

The picturesque countryside offers ample opportunities for walks along farm tracks, meadows, and autumn stubble fields, providing a haven for nature enthusiasts. The farm’s surroundings also teem with local wildlife such as red deer, Muntjac, Chinese Water deer, and hare throughout the year. Birdwatchers are in for a treat with regular sightings of barn owls, cranes, marsh harriers, swallows, housemartins, skylarks, pink-footed geese, kingfishers, and yellowhammers.

Exceptional Service

As one of the most luxury b&b North Norfolk coast offers, your experience at Dairy Barns is very important to us and starts with our exceptional team. Dedicated, attentive and genuinely caring, each team member contributes to creating the ultimate guest experience. Our commitment to detail, personalised approach, and warm hospitality sets us apart. We take great pride in turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Choose Dairy Barns for an unforgettable stay marked by luxury, comfort, and impeccable service.

We Look Forward To Seeing You!

Our family, staff, and idyllic setting makes Dairy Barns one of the most luxury b&b North Norfolk coast has to offer. We look forward to hosting you, hearing about your wildlife discoveries, and making your stay relaxing and memorable.