I’m loving the sea breeze

Its been so wonderfully hot here in Norfolk the past week that the best place to be is by the sea.  There has been a gentle cool breeze from the coast just taking the edge of the heat its been perfect.  We have had a few young families staying in the holiday cottages and they have spent there time playing in the garden, cooking on the barbeque and then heading down to the sea with a bucket and spade!  I took Joe and Harriet to the beach last night, they were in the sea for over an hour on their body boards and looked rather like prunes when I dragged them away.  The best part was there was a very curious seal watching all the people in the sea, he kept bobbing up in the water a few meters away from them to see what everyone was doing.  We fininshed the evening with a 99 icecream before heading home and I now have piles of soggy clothes and sandy flip flops to sort out which is much more fun than school uniform,  Roll on the summer holidays!