Walking the Coastal Path

As those of you who have stayed with us before will know, mum and I love to try and help you make the most of your stay by giving you ideas for days out.  This spring to make sure we give you the right advice we have started walking the various paths and trails near to us at the barns.  Our first walk was the newly opened coastal trail that runs from Sea Palling to Cromer and beyond.  We walked from the farm to Sea Palling and then along the coastal path to Mundesley which is about 10.5 miles.

coastal walk 2

We have a grass track that runs from the farm to Sea Palling and then on reaching Sea Palling you turn left and walk along the beach.  At Cart Cap you go up onto the dunes and can also stop at the rather nice Small Sticks Cafe for tea and cake which is just off the beach at the top of Cart Gap.  You then walk along the cliffs to Happisburgh which gives you a very clear idea of the coastal erosion that the area has suffered as the path moves every year as the cliffs below get washed away along with a great view of the red and white Happisburgh Lighthouse.   Going through Happisburgh the path becomes a little unclear and we found ourselves walking through a small caravan park, I’m still not sure if this is part of the trail or not!

coastal walk 3

As you walk from Happisburgh to Walcott you pass by a small cluster of houses before ending up at Walcott where you get back on the beach.  Walcott has more refreshment opportunities including fish and chips and normally an ice -ream van parked on the seafront.  From Walcott to Mundesley you follow the beach and the Cliffs get higher and higher with no places to leave the beach for a couple of miles.  I strongly recommend before embarking on this walk that you check out the tide timetables so you don’t get in a muddle.  Mundesley is a small seaside town where mum and I finished out walk but the path does carry on further up the coast if you want to keep walking. You can access maps and more details at the council trails website – all in all – a very lovely walk!

 coastal walk 1