Big Garden Birdwatch

Will you be taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch over the weekend of 24th/25th January 2015? Since 1979 the RSPB have been encouraging all of us to spend just an hour watching and recording which birds visit our gardens.  This annual survey helps to monitor how some of our well-known and well-loved garden visitors are coping with changes in climate, habitat and other factors.  It’s very easy to take part – take a look at the website to see how you can get involved.  The information gathered is fascinating and last year 7,274,159 birds were counted with House Sparrows at No. 1 and Robins at No. 10.   This year, the RSPB are also asking us to note other creatures in our garden such as squirrels, hedgehogs, deer and snakes.  Of course, here at Dairy Barns we are in a quiet, rural location and we see a fantastic range of birds and other wildlife on the farm.

What a perfect excuse to slow down for a while, sit back with a cuppa for an hour and enjoy the wildlife visiting your own garden.