"Hannah has been a superstar and has made our wedding here a very special one and the flowers were beautiful."

Mr and Mrs Radcliffe

Dairy Barns

Caring for the environment

We love where we live and the beautiful countryside around us which is why we want to help protect it. The Norfolk Coast and Broads National Park are beautiful places which is why so many people come to stay with us and chose to return year on year.

We are trying to reduce the impact that we and our guests have on our environment, and even though there are days when we fall short and there are lots of things we know we can do better, our environmental policy helps to remind us and inform our customers of what we are striving to achieve.

  • As many ingredients as possible for your breakfast come from the immediate local area – we are proud to use a fantastic range of great local producers.
  • We encourage wildlife and bio-diversity on our farm, being part of environmental schemes and taking part in bird surveys with the RSPB.
  • We collect run off water from the roof to water the garden.
  • We use low energy light bulbs and have many external and corridor lights on timers.
  • The barns are really well insulated from top to bottom.
  • Our housekeeping staff recycle the paper, glass and plastic bottles from your bedroom waste bins.
  • We strive to reduce our use of paper and correspond as much by e-mail as possible.
  • We change your sheets every 3 days and your towels are changed every other day.
  • We line dry our laundry as much as possible in the summer months.
  • We use bathroom toiletries with are ethically sourced as well as being lovely to use.

If you would like to help us protect the environment we ask that;

  • When you are not in your room please turn out the lights as you leave.
  • When the central heating is on please consider turning down the thermostat on the radiator before opening the window to cool the room.
  • Even though there is a large supermarket in nearby Stalham consider using Sea Palling Village Shop and the Truly Local farm shop for some of your purchases,  both of which are closer and supports some great local producers.
  • You could even leave your car in the car park all day and enjoy a car free day out – there’s loads of options, just ask us we would be happy to give you some ideas.

The Broads – Enjoy Give Protect – Help us look after the places you love to visit

The Broads is Britain’s magical waterland, a uniquely beautiful environment shaped by people working hand in hand with nature over thousands of years. The Broads Trust is helping fund projects to ensure the Broads are kept just the way they should be for the benefit of local communities and visitors alike.

Love The Broads is a new initiative that has been set up with local businesses to provide a way for visitors to make small contributions towards protecting this timeless, tranquil landscape. Dairy Barns is proud to be participating in this initiative.

Donations will be looked after by the Broads Trust, and each year funds generated by the initiative will go towards a host of projects to include:

  • Improving access and visitor interpretation
  • Caring for our rich biodiversity
  • Providing conservation education for the next generation

Play your part in protecting this precious landscape

If you would like to make a donation online, please click the ‘Donate…’ button below

If you would prefer to make a donation with a text message from your mobile phone then…

  1. Compose a text message consisting of NBCT01 followed by a space, followed by the amount you wish to donate
  2. Send your text message to 70070

Thank you!