Dairy Barns shows its love for the Broads

Dairy Barns is one of eight local businesses that is showing its love for the Broads through a brand new scheme that encourages visitors to raise funds for special projects that will protect and conserve Britain’s Magical Waterland.

The Love the Broads campaign was launched on Wednesday 5th September 2012 at Horning Swan Green. It has been set up by the Broads Authority with money from the European Regional Development Fund through the STEP project which promotes sustainable tourism in estuary parks.

The idea is that people who’ve enjoyed a visit here can show their appreciation by voluntarily giving a donation which will raise money for projects that protect, preserve and enhance the Broads. Visitors will find they have the option to give a very small extra sum on the hire of a boat or cycle, a meal or a cup of tea – or just drop a donation in a collection box. The campaign’s logo – a large heart in a circle – appears on badges that can also be bought to boost funds.

The scheme will be administered by the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Charitable Trust – an independent registered charity which will receive the money and distribute it to projects which have been submitted to the Trust.

So far, Dairy Barns and seven other local businesses have put their weight behind the campaign. The first tranche of projects that are likely to benefit from the fund-raising includes a plan to set up a sculpture trail at Strumpshaw Fen with workshops to teach youngsters about nature, signage for Broads cycling routes and a scheme to stop the decline in the water vole population in the Broads.

The Trust aims to raise around £5,000 in the first year but a similar scheme in the Lake District has raised more than £2 million over 17 years so it’s hoped the Broads scheme will grow to equal its success. To make a donation visit http://www.broadscharitabletrust.org.uk/enjoy-give-protect.html