Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Bonfire Night will soon be upon us and time for fireworks and bonfire parties. Great fun for children and adults but please remember to keep pets safe and sound inside. Of course farm animals can also be frightened by the loud noises and flashes so we’ll be keeping an eye on all our 4-legged friends at Dairy Barns.


There are going to be lots of organised events taking place all around Norfolk where you can take the family along to enjoy a big display, including one of our favourites – the Deer’s Glade Annual Charity Fireworks Night at Hanworth with a candlelit procession and hog roast. But it’s great fun too to build a bonfire in your own garden (check for hedgehogs, please, before you light it!) and bury foil-wrapped jacket potatoes to cook in the embers to enjoy with some sticky glazed sausages made with Norfolk Honey and it has to be Colman’s Mustard. Plus there’s nothing like toasting marshmallows in the flames. A good old-fashioned family Bonfire Night – you can’t beat it.