The Best Places for Fish and Chips

Who dosn’t love the treat of having fish and chips when they are on a british holiday? We are very well served for this most british of dishes with our nearby chip shops!

In Sea Palling we have the family run Mermaids Catch just behind the sand dunes by the main access to the beach, they open 7 days a week and are also linked to the Beach Rock Bistro next door. Along with delicious fish and chips, sausages and all the usual offerings they also offer locally caught crab and lobster with chips and from personal experience I can tell you as a special treat its a great combination.

In Potter Heigham we have the Nippy Chippy on the Broads, they are by Potter Heigham Bridge, also family run, open Tuesday to Sunday. The service and quality is great and there are plenty of benches and seating to sit and enjoy your chips by the river whilst feeding the ducks!

You are always welcome to bring a takeaway back to the barns to eat and we are happy to provide you with plates/cutlery so you dont always have to head out to a pub for supper