The Swallows are in the stables

As you can probably tell I love the little Swallow birds, just look a the logo of the Dairy Barns.

They are such wonderful little birds that fly so very far to come back and spend each summer with us, as soon as they arrive I know that winter is really over and summer is just around the corner.  We have a storage barn with a high window which we always leave open for them to come in and nest but the favourite place for them to build nests and raise their young is the horses stables.  From the minute they arrived here in late April the stables have been full of birds building nests and making themselves at home.  The horses and ponies don’t seem to mind!  In early evening why not sit in the courtyard with a glass of wine, just enjoy quiet space of the countryside with the main noise you can hear being the chatter of the Swallows flying overhead.   I will let you know when the first babies start to hatch which won’t be too long away I’m sure, I took this picture last year of these very hungry baby swallows and hard working parents

Swallows nesting