Where can I see Common Cranes in the Norfolk Broads

Common Cranes are one of Europes largest birds with a wingspan of up to 2.2 meters and a small breeding population was established in the Broads in the 1970’s where they have gone from strength to strengh.

One of the best places to see Cranes in the late Autumn and the Winter months is at the Wildlife Trust in Hickling and on surrounding farm land. We often see them on the fields where the potatoes have been harvested as they love to eat any leftovers! Stubb Mill alongside the reseve in Hickling is a fantastic raptor roost spot, arrive an hour before sunset and it’s possible to see up to 30 Cranes come into roost.

In the Spring and Summer it is still possible to spot them and we often hear them on the farm and see them flying overhead making their wonderful and unique calling sound.

We welcome lots of Bird and Wildlife watchers to us here at Dairy Barns and are happy to allow you access to the farm to spot not only Cranes, but Barn Owls, Marsh Harriers and Hen Harriers to name but a few

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